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San Clemente State Beach, CA


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California is a goldmine (literally) of camping opportunities.

The beach, the mountains, the forest…anyone who loves the outdoors can get their fill. We caught up with our blop ambassadors David and Kristi, otherwise known as Lion & Bird, to talk about a recent camping trip with their friends: an awesome night on the beach.

David: We live in Orange County, about 45 minutes from some awesome campsites. Last weekend we went over to San Clemente State Beach with two of our friends from San Francisco, Dylan and Emma.

Kristi: We got sooo lucky, we snagged the very last spot. It was up top on a cliff over the beach, so we had beach access.

D: Yeah, it definitely felt like our own private beach. And since the tent was so easy to set up, we could enjoy more of the daylight and walk on the beach.

K: Yeah, we could see all these other tents with like eighteen stakes that probably took sooo long to set up. Our friends set up their blop for the first time without any problem.

blop: So tell me about the food. Always a fun part of camping.

K: For dinner, we cooked with this huge cast iron pot over an open flame. I’m a vegetarian, and we really wanted to up the food game –

D:we also started the fire without a starter log this time! Big deal.

K: (laughs) Yeah, we threw in potatoes, carrots, onions, peppers, and vegetarian sausages for this skillet dish. And it was super cost-efficient! We did forget a lid for the cast iron though, so next time we would definitely bring that. Got a little extra flavor with some ash in our food (laughs)

D: Yeah, and then our friends taught us a new way (for us) to make s’mores: with a Reese’s peanut butter cup. So we used this little cast-iron dish that cooks the s’more altogether. Amazing.

blop: How did this trip compare to others you’ve taken?

D: Camping for us…it gets better every time. There’s always a little something we forget, like the lid, but this time we remembered a hammer for the tent stakes–

K: – and bug spray!

D: Next time we’ll bring some games to play on the beach, like a football to throw around. But we did bring our dog, Mason!

D: It’s just an awesome way to explore California, especially for people who aren’t natives, like us. Camping is such a great way to do that. Our next goal is to camp in Sequoia National Park. And to do a trip for more than one night.

blop: Tell me about a moment during the trip you really savored the experience.

D: Sunrise. I just think we were meant to wake up with natural light. It’s just different than when your alarm goes off during the week…and you get tired earlier when camping, too. Waking up while camping, you just feel more alert with the brisk air.

K: Camping with friends made this experience so much more full. We could share the experience together, help with food. And with fewer screens and no games, our time was really just filled with conversation.

D: And we did get photo and video footage, but that actually helps us just capture the experience better. It doesn’t feel like it takes away from it.

blop: What did it mean to camp out loud for you on this trip?

D: Well, we didn’t have any noise complaints. (laughs) But no, it just means embracing the experience. Especially since the tent was so easy to set up, that allowed us more time for other things, like enjoying conversation and time with our friends. I just feel like blop has really given new meaning to the camping experience for us. Sometimes I think camping kind of skips a generation–like we see lots of kids or young families, but it kind of skips this twenty-something stage of life. We’re excited to keep making it a bigger part of our lives.

Where’s your next adventure?

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