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Blop was created by a team of experts with over 40 years of experience in the outdoor industry. We found that the market was saturated with the same bland colors and design year after year. So, we decided to act and we created a tent that is colorful, festive and uniquely designed to change the status quo of today’s typical style camping tents.


Camp Out Loud

Blop tents and tarps are meant to be enjoyed wherever outdoor fun is to be had. We make camping gear for the stargazers, the puppy huggers, the fire tamers, the coffee sippers, the weeknight campers…and everything in-between. The Camp Out Loud spirit is already within you. Camp with blop, and let your inner boldness shine through.


What is a Blop?

Blop found its name in a uniquely adorable fashion. For this, we thank the daughter of our blop’s very own founder. At just five years old, she was visiting the office with dad one day as we were reviewing notes and designs for our new tent ideas. Her eyes lit up over all the vibrant colors that spilled over the table. “What do you think!?” we asked. “I love it!” she exclaimed. “It’s like a little plop of color,” followed by a rambling of, “plop, plop bloppy blop…”

We wanted fun and different and what’s more fun than a child’s imagination?

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